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Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone (Norethindrone) and Ethinyloestradiol 1mg/35mcg) 84 Tablets/Pack

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Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone (Norethindrone) and Ethinyloestradiol 1mg/35mcg) 84 Tablets/Pack

Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone (Norethindrone) and Ethinyloestradiol 1mg/35mcg) Tablets

Product Name
Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone (Norethindrone) and Ethinyloestradiol 1mg/35mcg) 84 Tablets/Pack
Also known as Necon 1/35, Ortho-Novum 1/35 or Norinyl-1
Active Ingredient
Norethisterone (Norethindrone) and Ethinyloestradiol
Product Type
Oral contraceptive
Product expiry date we are currently shipping
Jun 2026

Brevinor-1 oral contraceptive pills contain a combination of two hormones; ethinyloestradiol, a synthetic oestrogen, and norethisterone, a synthetic progestogen, which are used to provide effective birth control and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Product Price List

Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone/Ethinyloestradiol) 1mg/0.035mg 84 Tablets
$0.63 per Tablet
$52.50 (USD)
$52.50 (USD)
Brevinor 1 (Norethisterone/Ethinyloestradiol) 1mg/0.035mg 168 Tablets
$0.57 per Tablet
$95.00 (USD)
$95.00 (USD)

Brevinor-1 general information

What is Brevinor-1 used for?

If you want to prevent pregnancy, you can use one of many types of contraception (also known as birth control), and there are several you can choose from to stop you becoming pregnant.  Brevinor-1 tablets are an oral contraceptive pill, also known just as “the pill”, and it is a combination pill, which is a form of hormonal birth control that you can take daily throughout your menstrual cycle, without interfering with your sexual activity. 

Brevinor-1 contraceptive pills are a very effective method of contraception if you follow the instructions, and if you take them correctly and continuously, the success rate is around 99%.  However, you will increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss a tablet. 

How does Brevinor-1 affect your menstrual cycle

Each pack of Brevinor-1 contains enough pills for one month’s supply.  This is based on the average menstrual cycle being 4 weeks or 28 days.  Each pack includes 21 hormone-containing pills, and when you have taken them all, you will have 7 days when you do not take any pills.  This will help maintain your regular monthly cycle, which will end with a withdrawal bleed, as your body adjusts to falling hormone levels. 

One advantage of taking the pill is that your menstrual periods may be lighter and less painful, which will be a welcome relief if you experience painful, heavy periods, a condition called menorrhagia.  Before taking the pill, your periods may have been irregular, known as primary dysmenorrhoea, and Brevinor-1 may be used to help make your periods more regular. 

Pre-menstrual symptoms

You may also see an improvement in pre-menstrual symptoms, which are caused by an imbalance in your natural hormone levels.  These include bloating, swelling or weight gain, which are generally related to fluid retention.  Other pre-menstrual symptoms that may improve, such as acne and greasiness of the skin and hair.  Brevinor-1 may be used to treat premenstrual symptoms, which if severe can develop into a condition called premenstrual syndrome that can disrupt your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, by affecting your mood, causing sleep problems, pain and food cravings, amongst other symptoms. 

How does Brevinor-1 work?

Brevinor-1 contraceptive pills contain a combination of two hormones in the same pill.  These are ethinyloestradiol, a synthetic oestrogen, and norethisterone, a synthetic progestogen that has similar action in the menstrual cycle as natural progesterone.  Both hormones work together to protect against pregnancy by disrupting the menstrual cycle.

Each month, a woman’s body prepares for a possible pregnancy, and this depends on a complex interaction between the female sex hormones produced by the ovaries.  Oestrogen stimulates egg maturation within the egg follicle, and ovulation, which is when a mature egg is released ready to be fertilised by a male sperm.  Levels of oestrogen peak halfway through the cycle. 

Progesterone prepares the endometrium (lining of the uterus) for implantation of an embryo, once the egg has been fertilised and levels begin to rise at mid-cycle as oestrogen falls. 

Oestrogen and Progesterone production is regulated by follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH) released by the pituitary gland, which are in turn under the control of gonadotrophin-releasing hormones produced by the hypothalamus in the brain. 

Ethinylestradiol in Brevinor-1 blocks the release of FSH by the pituitary gland, and this prevents development of the egg follicle.  Norethisterone in Brevinor-1 tablets works by blocking the increase in LH levels needed for ovulation to occur. 

Brevinor-1 tablets maintain constant hormone levels throughout the cycle which prevents egg maturation and suppresses ovulation, as well as preventing the development of the endometrium so that even if an egg was to be fertilised, it would not be able to implant in the endometrium and grow into a foetus. 

The cervical membrane of the cervix produces mucus, which is usually thick in consistency but changes at ovulation to become thinner.  Another contraceptive action of Brevinor-1 tablets is that this mucus remains thick, forming a physical barrier to sperm. 

What does Brevinor-1 contain?

Brevinor-1 contraceptive tablets contain a combination of the active ingredients ethinyloestradiol (0.035mg), a synthetic oestrogen, and norethisterone (1mg) a synthetic progestogen that work together to protect against pregnancy.  They also contain indigo carmine lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, maize starch, povidone.

What are the side effects of Brevinor-1?

Most medications have some side effects, but they are not experienced by everyone.  Some side effects are commonly experienced when taking Brevinor-1, but others are not so common, and you should discuss any problems or concerns with your primary care physician. 

Common side effects when taking Brevinor-1 include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, vaginal inflammation (vaginitis) usually caused by candidiasis (yeast infection), dizziness, mood changes, depression, changes in libido, insomnia, headache, migraine, acne, breast tenderness, breast pain, fluid retention and oedema, changes in menstrual flow, changes in body weight.

When should Brevinor-1 not be used?

Have a talk with your primary healthcare physician before taking Brevinor-1 so that you have a full understanding of what this medicine is for and how to use it.  There are some reasons for not taking a medication; these are called contraindications; also some conditions can become worse when taking a combination hormone pill like Brevinor-1.

Combination contraceptive pills like Brevinor-1 can increase the risk of thrombosis (blood clots), which can have serious consequence depending on where the clot forms, such as stroke or heart attack.  There is also an increased risk of breast cancer.  These risks should be discussed with your primary healthcare physician before you start taking Brevinor-1.

You should consider the following before taking Brevinor-1:

  • Have you ever had an unusual reaction or an allergy when taking Brevinor-1?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you or any family members have deep venous thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) or other thromboembolic (formation of blood clots) disorders?
  • Do you have any problems with your liver kidney or heart?
  • Have you had jaundice at any time or gall bladder disease?
  • Have you had a heart attack or stroke?
  • Are you a heavy smoker, as this can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, especially if you are over 35 years?
  • Have you had or do you have a family history of any form of cancer, particularly carcinoma of the breast, genital organs or endometrial carcinoma; or liver adenomas or carcinomas or a history of these tumours?
  • Do you have you any abnormal vaginal bleeding of unknown cause?
  • Is your blood pressure or cholesterol high; do you get migraines?
  • Do you have diabetes with changes to the blood vessels?

What medications interact with Brevinor-1?

Some medicines interact with Brevinor-1 and may affect the way it works, or are affected by Brevinor-1 or increase side effects; you should discuss possible interactions with your primary care physician. 

If you are taking a combination of anti-viral medications for Hepatitis C, including ombitasvir, paritaprevir, ritonavir and dasabuvir, this may worsen liver conditions.

Some medications prevent Brevinor-1 working effectively, increasing your risk of becoming pregnant.  If you are taking any of the following you may need to take other contraceptive precautions: phenytoin and carbamazepine for epilepsy, barbiturates, anti-infectives like rifampicin, rifabutin, nevirapine, the antifungal griseofulvin, antibiotics like penicillin, tetracyclines, sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim, preparations containing St John's Wort.

If other medications may interact with Brevinor-1, your doctor will discuss these with you. 

How should Brevinor-1 be taken and for how long?

Each pack of Brevinor-1 contraceptive tablets contains 21 tablets, which you should take continually every day until you have used them all, to ensure effective contraception.  You will then have 7 tablet-free days.  This will complete a monthly cycle. 

Take your pill swallowed whole with a glass of water with or without food, and it is important that you take your pill at the same time each day. 

When taking Brevinor-1 for the first time, take the first blue contraceptive hormone containing pill (corresponding to the day of the week) on the first day of your next period, when you start a menstrual bleed.  Take one pill daily continually for 21 days, corresponding to the day of the week, until you have taken all 21 tablets.  You will then have 7 tablet-free days during which time you will have a menstrual bleed.  When you have finished one pack, wait 7 days, then start a new one the next day. 

If you have no medical conditions that prevent you from taking the pill, you don’t smoke and you are not overweight, you should be able to take the pill throughout your fertile years up to the time your menstrual cycles stop at menopause.

Missed dose of Brevinor-1

If you miss a dose of Brevinor-1, you may increase your risk of becoming pregnant, depending on which day of the cycle you have missed the pill.

7-day rule:

Follow these guidelines to help you decide what to do:

  • If you forget to take a hormone pill and you are less than 12 hours late, take it as soon as you remember and take the next one at your usual time.  You are still protected against pregnancy.
  • If you forget to take a hormone pill and you are more than 12 hours late, ignore the missed pill and take the next one at your usual time.  You may not be protected from pregnancy and you should use other contraceptive precautions for the next 7 days. 
  • If during these 7 days you finish taking your active hormone tablets, start a new pack of Brevinor-1 on the next day.  You will not have a menstrual bleed until you have finished taking the next pack.
  • You are not protected from pregnancy unless you have taken 7 hormone pills in a row.  If you have missed more than one pill in 7 days, you will need to use other contraceptive precautions.  This is especially important for the first 7 days of the month.  During this time you may also get spotting or bleeding, as the effect of the hormone wears off temporarily.

Vomiting and diarrhoea

If you have gastrointestinal problems like vomiting or severe diarrhoea within 3-4 hours of taking your hormonal pill, this is the same as missing a pill and you should take other contraceptive precautions for the next 7 days and follow the 7-day rule. 

How should Brevinor-1 be stored?

You should store your Brevinor-1 below 25°C in a cool dry place. 

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