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Phone Numbers

Free phone from the US:

Free phone from the UK:

Free phone from Australia:

Rest of the world:
+1-877-271-6591 or +1-800-868-9064 (This number is not Toll Free)

Fax Numbers (also use to send us your prescriptions)

Fax phone from US:

Fax phone from UK:

Outside the USA and UK:

Operating Hours
Our pharmacy is located in Vanuatu in the South Pacific and we are here to receive your phone calls 7 days a week. To help you know the best times to reach us, please call during the following times, or leave a message outside those times.

If calling us from United States
Select Time Zone
Call Center Opens
Call Center Closes
SAT 11:00 AM
SAT 05:00 PM
SUN 10:00 AM
SUN 06:00 PM
MON 10:00 AM
MON 06:00 PM
TUE 10:00 AM
TUE 06:00 PM
WED 10:00 AM
WED 06:00 PM
THU 10:00 AM
THU 06:00 PM
FRI 10:00 AM
FRI 06:00 PM
Call Center Opens
Call Center Closes
SAT 12:00 PM
SAT 06:00 PM
SUN 11:00 AM
SUN 07:00 PM
MON 11:00 AM
MON 07:00 PM
TUE 11:00 AM
TUE 07:00 PM
WED 11:00 AM
WED 07:00 PM
THU 11:00 AM
THU 07:00 PM
FRI 11:00 AM
FRI 07:00 PM
Call Center Opens
Call Center Closes
SAT 01:00 PM
SAT 07:00 PM
SUN 12:00 PM
SUN 08:00 PM
MON 12:00 PM
MON 08:00 PM
TUE 12:00 PM
TUE 08:00 PM
WED 12:00 PM
WED 08:00 PM
THU 12:00 PM
THU 08:00 PM
FRI 12:00 PM
FRI 08:00 PM
Call Center Opens
Call Center Closes
SAT 02:00 PM
SAT 08:00 PM
SUN 01:00 PM
SUN 09:00 PM
MON 01:00 PM
MON 09:00 PM
TUE 01:00 PM
TUE 09:00 PM
WED 01:00 PM
WED 09:00 PM
THU 01:00 PM
THU 09:00 PM
FRI 01:00 PM
FRI 09:00 PM

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