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Inhouse Pharmacy Reviews

We pride ourselves on providing quality, authentic brand name and generic prescription medications to our customers at the most affordable prices available. You need your medications to lead a healthy life and low-cost prescriptions can help you achieve a better quality of life. Our customers live all over the world and most agree that Inhouse Pharmacy helps save them time and money with free shipping, fast order processing, and guaranteed delivery and product quality. Read what our customers have to say in Inhouse pharmacy reviews.
OK, USA, February 2024
You guys are the best Bonnie, thank you.
DE, USA, February 2024
Hello, I have excellent news to report. My replacement order arrived today, thank you so much for sending it out to me. Everything came perfectly intact and I have already began to take the meds. Thank you so much for everything, you are a great company. Take care and be blessed.
MO, USA, January 2024
Order received - thanks for excellent service!
OH, USA, January 2024
Thank you so much, your customer service and loyalty is the best!
OR, USA, January 2024
Thank you for your timely assistance in sending the replacement. I greatly appreciate your customer service.
FL, USA, January 2024
Thank you so much for taking care of this for me! Going on over 20 years as a satisfied customer!
WV, USA, January 2024
Thank you for the reply. It sure is encouraging. It’s also pointing to a never fail. To years of me using In-house Pharmacy and for quality pharmaceuticals without a hitch.
TX, USA, January 2024
Thank you for being a terrific online pharmacy!
OH, USA, January 2024
Thank You for the Professional and Prompt way you have handled my missing shipment.  I have been doing business with you for a long time and I so much appreciate when a company values their customers and addresses issues in such a caring way and with such integrity.  I will be doing business with you for a very long time to come.  Thank You again.
MI, USA, January 2024
Thank you as always for the great customer service and always responding quickly to any questions I have.
OH, USA, January 2024
Staff is very responsive and I do not mind the shipping times! Very affordable and has helped my quality of life a lot. Had one hiccup and staff were QUICK with assisting me to ensure I get what I paid for! Have been a customer since 2022.
CA, USA, January 2024
I received your replacement shipment today. Thank you for your help and patience in this matter. I've ordered several other medications from you over the last 3 years, all of which arrived promptly. I have told a number of people about your outstanding service and reliable medications. Again, thank you so much.
TX, USA, December 2023
I really appreciate your quick response and excellent customer service!
MI, USA, December 2023
Thank you so much! Love this company!
FL, USA, December 2023
Thank you so much for your fine services. I received my package today in perfect condition. It is a pleasure to do business with you.
ME, USA, November 2023
Always good service
AR, USA, August 2023
Your service and punctuality is over the top, so good and clear on the website, I wished the whole world was like that. Thanks for all your kindness, great service and products.
UK, August 2023
I have been using Inhouse Pharmacy for a long time and ALWAYS have had excellent service. Can wholeheartedly recommend to anybody.
VA, USA, August 2023
Thank you so much. I swear you all have turned out to be the best customer service experience I have ever received for any company. I just wanted to let y'all know I appreciate your ability to problem solve and empathise with me, I'm sure many others feel the same way if they get the help I've received. Thanks again.
TX, USA, June 2023
Always great service with y'all! Youre very responsive and my medication is top quality.
TN, USA, June 2023
Thank you, though, for your attention to this matter. It is refreshing to see a company who cares. I have been a customer for years and am extremely well pleased. You provide a wonderful and much needed service.
IN, USA, June 2023
Just want to say that I received the medicine today. Unbelievable service! This only took one week from the time I ordered it. Tell everyone great service.
LA, USA, May 2023
Wow!! I received my medicine today (within 8 days). That was so quick!!! I’m overwhelmed! Thank you so much!!
RI, USA, May 2023
I just wanted to thank you so much for your fast shipping. I received the package today and I believe it's a record on any overseas order I have ever gotten... so fast and excellent. Again, thank you very much.
WI, USA, May 2023
Reasonable, fast and friendly.
IL, USA, April 2023
Great Service.
WI, USA, April 2023
Products arrived sooner than expected! Ordering and payment are super easy. Staff are polite & very helpful. I’d recommend Inhouse Pharmacy to anyone. Thank you for your excellent service!
MI, USA, April 2023
Good Service!
MI, USA, March 2023
I placed my order on March 7th and received it March 18th. As usual, outstanding service. Especially in light of the environmental issues and medications arriving from a different country. I hope this helps you let other customers know their orders are on the way.
CO, USA, March 2023
Your customer support and prices continue to make me a fan!
WA, USA, February 2023
I would not have been able to afford an inhaler in my country without your help. You have saved my life.
NY, USA, February 2023
As always, a pleasure doing business with you guys. That’s why I’m such a long time customer.
AZ, USA, February 2023
Great product and fast service!
SD, USD , February 2023
FIVE STARS!! I have been ordering products for over 10 years from Inhouse and have never had a problem with my order. Costs are very reasonable and delivery is very fast. Thank you Inhouse Pharmacy!
UK, February 2023
Just wanted to say a massive thank you. My order was posted on the 26th of Jan and I have just received it in the UK today (the 2nd of Feb). Fantastic 5* service!
FL, USA, January 2023
I have been a customer of Inhouse Pharmacy for *19 years*, I would wear your company logo on a t-shirt and bumper stickers if you sold them. If I didn't have Inhouse Pharmacy I don't even know what I'd do.
HI, USA, December 2022
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful services. I have been ordering from you for almost 20 years now, and I always appreciate your product availability, your services, and quick shipping! You folks are wonderful!
FL, USA, December 2022
I have been ordering from your company for a very long time. I want to thank you for being there. If not, I would spend a lot of money buying here in the US. I hope all of your staff have a most wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
MA, USA, December 2022
Thank you very much for your continued great service - I am so glad your business exists to help me get the meds I need!
NH, USA, November 2022
Thank you for providing this important service with good instructions and fair prices. Just Excellent.
UK, November 2022
I received my order today and the delivery was super fast and you made everything so quick and easy. You have been amazing. I will be ordering again soon.
MD, USA, October 2022
Thanks Inhouse! Online BillPay was a great option to add. I was initially hesitant because I thought it would create a significant lag, but it ended up being comparable to previous offerings.
MS, USA, August 2022
Thank you for the fast processing. You guys are top notch!
MN, USA, August 2022
Excellent service as always.
MI, USA, May 2022
I have been a customer for a number of years now and I have had no problems at all. There was one occasion my order didn't arrive and Inhouse Pharmacy immediately sent out another order with no hesitation. Top quality products, top quality service.
OR, USA, May 2022
I received my product today thank you very much for the fast and wonderful service.
AR, USA, May 2022
Very easy to order. Excellent company.
CO, USA, April 2022
I have been using Inhouse Pharmacy for what I think is about 15 years. Not only have they saved me a bundle but their customer service is consistently outstanding. I have recommended Inhouse Pharmacy to many of my friends.
CA, USA, April 2022
Thank you for your excellent website and product selection!
CO, USA, March 2022
Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing customer service as usual.
AZ, USA, March 2022
Great service and had our order delivered in 13 days.
CA, USA, March 2022
This pharmacy has been an absolute godsend to get Flixotide inhalers when I don't have healthcare in USA. Thank you so much. I don't know where I'd be without you guys.
FL, USA, March 2022
Please be assured of how much I value and appreciate your kind attention and help with this matter. In-House Pharmacy could not hope to have a better ambassador! Thank you so very much!! 
Sydney, AU, March 2022
Awesome service, notification provided when products are in stock & once ordered, are shipped promptly without issue.
ID, USA, February 2022
Years of excellent service to me. Thank you!
CT, USA, February 2022
I think Inhouse Pharmacy is the BEST! AND, each and every staff that works there, is the GREATEST! Everyone does a wonderful job and to all of you, I am most grateful! Thank you so very much for all your efforts and stay healthy, safe and happy.
WA, USA, February 2022
Excellent service all the time. I have been a member for years.
CA, USA, January 2022
As always- thank you for a pleasurable purchasing experience. You are terrific.
FL, USA, January 2022
I am so glad I found this pharmacy. I would never have been able to treat my cat for asthma if I had to pay the local price for his inhalers. Thank you so much!
WA, USA, December 2021
Been with you since 1996. Always good products, and service.
WV, USA, December 2021
It is time to thank Inhouse for your awareness, your staying on top of impossible deliveries, your customer service, and your ability to adapt to USA country changes and especially during these impossible Covid times. My hat Is off to Inhouse!
CO, USA, December 2021
I have been using this company for at least 15 years. They have NEVER made a mistake on an order and continue to supply safe and effective drugs made by reputable manufacturers.
CA, USA, November 2021
So kind of you to help, I really appreciate the excellent care you showed me.
PA, USA, November 2021
Thank you for the superior service you provide through employees who are genuinely personable and friendly and who are responsible for ensuring excellent customer support and good will. We appreciate you!
WA, USA, November 2021
Always!!! You all are family at this point. I'll never let you go.
TN, USA, November 2021
Wow wow wow you all have been so amazing thank you so much!
IL, USA, November 2021
Great customer service. Easy to use.
OR, USA, November 2021
I have always liked your company and employees, you have always been very nice and professional and I am glad to do business with you! Thank you!
UK, November 2021
Thank you for your wonderful service. I am writing to say I was very impressed with your professional care, quick delivery and honesty. Hats off to your team. I will certainly be back to order in the future.
UK, November 2021
Thank you again for the excellent help and service.
HI, USA, November 2021
Thank you for everything over the years. You always provide wonderful customer service and that keeps me coming back to buy more every time!
UK, November 2021
I am so VERY pleased with the fantastic speed of delivery with this first item. I will be coming back to you ALWAYS. Great prices and GREAT delivery times, hope this keeps up.
USA, November 2021
Thank you. Inhouse Pharmacy has the best customer service of all organizations!
FL, USA, November 2021
Received my order today, much faster than expected. I’m a Happy Customer. 
MA, USA, October 2021
I am continually amazed at the price, quality, speed of delivery and ease, of ordering. I recommend you to everyone I know that needs medicine. You are amazing. I received my orders with 10 days of ordering. Thank you so much!
AZ, USA, October 2021
Your company has always been great to purchase from, everyone has been friendly and helpful and the product has always showed up quickly! Thanks again!
IL, USA, October 2021
Always 5 stars. Reliable, efficient service. Prompt processing and shipping.
FL, USA, September 2021
As long as you are around I will be doing business with you. Your company is great!!
CA, USA, September 2021
Thank you, In-house-always grateful for your service and reliability
CA, USA, September 2021
This company continues to provide products at very good prices and excellent customer service. I have never had any problems with the quality or delivery of their products. Very trustworthy.
FL, USA, September 2021
Your company information and directions are outstanding in providing the necessary steps to place an order. I also appreciate the clear and concise communication your company presents on line and after the order has been placed. Your assistance and professionalism is refreshing!
FL, USA, September 2021
Always have had excellent service from InHouse Pharmacy. They have worked with me when I needed it.
HI, USA, September 2021
Always reliable!
WA, USA, August 2021
A great experience always with them, we have dealt with them for years now, and highly recommend them.
Witham, UK, August 2021
Very good clear website.
MS,USA, August 2021
I love this company. I wouldn’t use anyone else for my medications. I have used InHouse Pharmacy for many many years and have always had a wonderful experience with them.
TX, USA, August 2021
Thank you so much for being there for me. I have never had a problem with shipping from your business, even during the covid era. Your product has been a godsend to me . And affordable as well. Again, thank you all for what you do to make things affordable
CA, USA, July 2021
Thank you, In-house, for your prompt and wonderful service:
ID, USA, July 2021
After nearly twenty years I remain a satisfied customer and continue to rely on Inhouse Pharmacy for my prescriptions.
OR, USA, July 2021
11 years now with them, never had a problem and less expensive to buy Rx through them than in the USA, even American made Rx
NSW, AU, July 2021
So glad I found this website!! Communications were prompt and helpful and delivery was quicker than expected!! Thank you! I will be ordering again!!
LONDON, UK, June 2021
Seems to be a brilliant service. I am awaiting my first order delivery.
PA, USA, June 2021
I use these guys because the product is FDA approved and is almost comparable to what we have.The price even with shipping you can’t beat it.The pharmacy sees everything through from the time it leaves their hands until it gets to your hands. Customer service is all around the best of any pharmacy. I have even had some questions on medications that my nephew was giving my dad. Bruce helped me identify the pills and we were able to get my dad straightened out. I am in the process of filling another script and I have been recommending In House to friends. Yes some of them are filling their scripts here. Im good Mates!! I believe that’s how Yinz say it lol. Thank you.
NY, USA, June 2021
Great web-site...Thanks
TN, USA, June 2021
Both parcels of the replacement order was received from the USPS today 06/16/21. Thanks for your expedited handling of this order.
USA, June 2021
Thank you so much for sending the replacement orders. They DID arrive. Yesterday, the 14th, I got the inhalers, and today, the 15th, the Gabapentin. Both boxes and products untampered with, sealed just as you shipped them. Beautiful !!!
AZ, USA, June 2021
It was simply wonderful that you sent me this replacement order without charge, because it was not at all the fault of InHouse Pharmacy. Bonnie: you are my favorite Customer Services Manager.
MO, USA, June 2021
Great service! Products are absolutely the best! I have been ordering from them for many, many years
MI, USA, June 2021
Thanks again for your great customer service :)
FL, USA, June 2021
Excellent service. Will use again.
CA, USA, June 2021
Thank you! It's a pleasure doing business with you. I received my order yesterday and look forward to our next encounter
IN, USA, June 2021
And finally, I have received my package. I want to thank everyone there for helping me with this issue. You all have been so very helpful and kind. I look forward to doing business in the future.
MI, USA, June 2021
I have used In-House a handful of times and I have never been disappointed. Great customer service and fast delivery. Only company I will buy online from when it comes to pharmaceuticals.
FL, USA, June 2021
I've done business with them for over a decade and they always deliver. I give them the highest of recommendations.
HI, USA, June 2021
Prompt and reliable service, prices are competitive with insurance coverage!
NJ, USA, May 2021
I wanted to let you know that the replacement shipments were received. Thank you so much for your assistance! I really appreciate the courtesy. Your customer service is exceptional.
TN, USA, May 2021
I just wanted to thank you again and everyone at inhousepharmacy for all of your support and efficiency in handling my replacement order. I can't tell you enough how awesome you guys are and I will keep you informed about the status of my parcel. Thanks again for everything.
TN, USA, May 2021
Yes I would definitely like you to post my responses to guys online for your site. There are so many out there that dont have the resources to get what they need and also there are alot of scammers out there pretending to provide the services your company actually does making many unsure of whether or not to trust. Honestly, I have searched through many off these sites and yours is the only one that I do trust because you guys have always been great, not only with providing authentic products but also with making people feel welcomed and cared for as well. I hope my statements as well as others that shop with you can reach people that are not familiar with you guys and have a positive impact on them. Thanks again.
CA, USA, May 2021
Thank you for consistently exceptional and fast service.
MO, USA, May 2021
This is an amazing pharmacy with wonderful customer service & quick shipping
AR, USA, May 2021
My package was stopped in Customs! Inhouse refunded the cost of that order and I repurchased. I appreciate the help. Excellent company
FL, USA, May 2021
Love dealing with this company. Very efficient and trustworthy.
TX, USA, May 2021
This company is exceptional
FL, USA, May 2021
So grateful.....great service
UK, May 2021
Thank you so much! You are always so helpful, a great company
UK, April 2021
This company is excellent. The customer service is second to none. They are helpful and always willing to help in anyway they can. Medications are safe and sent promptly. Would recommend using them without any hesitation.
FL, USA, April 2021
I have been a customer for a few years, and will continue to stay. Orders are processed quickly, and delivery is excellent. Thank you all very much.
CA, USA, April 2021
I hope the red stars are for excellent! Many thanks, as always
AZ, USA, April 2021
Excellent service.
CA, USA, March 2021
Inhouse Pharmacy has been my choice for over 20 years. They have great prices, outstanding customer service, and stand by all their products. Highest recommendation!
NY, USA, March 2021
Hey..thanks for the trust...integrity crucial for all human relations..respect for representations and responsibilities on both sides! - Jeff. NY USA.
IL, USA, March 2021
A perfect transaction! Highly recommend inhousepharmacy.vu. Thank You!
AZ, USA, March 2021
I have been dealing with Inhouse for several years and always pleased.
VIC, AU, February 2021
Excellent company, fast shipment, great prices.
NV, USA, February 2021
"Your pharmacy service has been a real lifesaver to me and I do dearly appreciate it!"
MI, USA, February 2021
"To date I've gotten excellent service. Great!"
S. L.
OH, USA, February 2021
"I was days away from being hospitalized for lack of my medication. I honestly feel that the action taken by Inhouse Pharmacy may have very possibly saved my life. I intend to be more proactive with ordering just in case a similar situation develops so that I am not without the medications I so need. Also, I want to thank you for the handling of my replacement order and mitigating a possible medical emergency, I am truly grateful. I will be placing an order so that I can maintain an ample supply at all times. Thank you once again."
SC, USA, February 2021
"USPS lost order. in-house pharmacy replaced order immediately. very pleased with in-house pharmacy will continue to shop with them. thank you for great service"
Netherlands, February 2021
"Great service in a time of corona"
OR, USA, February 2021
"I will continue to order from you and recommend how wonderful your service is! "
OR, USA, February 2021
"Easy to order ... looking forward to becoming a return account holder."
AZ, USA, February 2021
"This is the best international pharmacy in the world, in my opinion. I've been a loyal customer for 2 decades. I love you guys!"
NY, USA, January 2021
"The reason why I will remain a loyal customer of InHouse Pharmacy is due to people like you (Bonnie) and Razia. You have made this, unfortunate incident of detained medications hopefully, an isolated occurrence. You do not know how much your efforts and kindness mean to me. The medication you provide truly helps my daughter with her medical condition. You and your team have been literal lifesavers. I have worked in healthcare myself in the States for over 43 years. So I am particularly sensitive to the needs of others while caring for them. You have gone above and beyond and demonstrated that same level of compassion and concern. So I truly thank you. I will continue to support and recommend InHouse Pharmacy to anyone in the future who is in need of your services."
TX, USA, January 2021
"Excellent Service, Reliable, Recommendable."
CT, USA, January 2021
"Thank God for this company."
"Thank you so much you are great, I appreciate your excellent service!"
TN, USA, January 2021
"I have been ordering from InHouse Pharmacy for the past 3 years. Quality product and hassle free."
FL, USA, January 2021
"A big "Thank You" for being there to provide me my meds which allow me to eat normally and live a normal life!"
ME, USA, January 2021
"You are wonderful to order with..I tell everyone about you. Thank you."
AZ, USA, January 2021
"Inhouse Pharmacy is excellent and prompt. I have been a regular customer for over ten years and have always been impressed by their professionality, strong communication, and timely shipments. Thank you."
NH, USA, January 2021
"I am just writing to let you know that I got the replacement package with no problems and wanted to thank you for your excellent service again! It's always good to get more positive news out there! Especially in the cat feline asthma community. Many of us depend on you guys for affordable options for controlling upper respiratory problems!"
CO, USA, January 2021
"Great Pharmacy! Always trustworthy, dependable friends, love you guys!"
PA, USA, January 2021
"I've been so happy with the professionalism and quality products from INHOUSE. With COVID-19, shipping times are temporarily delayed but normally they are incredibly fast within less than two weeks! When I had questions about a medication, I was even able to speak to a pharmacist who definitely was experienced in my medication and answered every question. INHOUSE has kept me alive when my insurance was cancelled and other medications were too expensive. I am forever grateful!. "
London, UK, December 2020
"Very helpful. Swift reply to any queries and nicely packaged items."
OH, USA, December 2020
"5 Stars - Very pleased with your service and website! "
CO, USA, December 2020
"I have been doing business with this vendor for the past 12 years. I highly recommend."
WA, USA, December 2020
"You all have no idea how amazing you are. You have been my angels for a few years now and I can't be more pleased with the fact that I found your company. I have only ever had one issue with your company and even that wasn't on you (it was actually my fault). Other than that it has all been smooth sailing and I am extremely grateful. I was opening a package from you all today and noticed how you have upgraded your packaging. This was the first package I received with individual items packaged in separate little baggies. I really appreciated it. Short answer: thank you all for being such a great company. I truly truly truly appreciate it!!! HOPE YOU WERE ALL DOING SOMETHING AMAZING FOR WINTER SOLSTICE AND THAT YOUR NEXT 20 YEARS ARE THE BEST YOU COULD POSSIBLY HAVE!!!."
MA, USA, December 2020
"Been with Inhouse Pharmacy for 20 years now. Same people answering their phones as back then. Had one shipping issue that was not their issue but in house took care of it very quickly".
FL, USA, December 2020
"Thank you all so very much. You all know how a good business is run and your “customer service” is the reason I chose your company."
CA, USA, December 2020
"Overall great experience! All my information was handled safely, there is discounts and tracking available, customer service answered all my questions and concerns promptly, and I got exactly what I was expecting and what I needed. The only downfall is the shipping time, it took 3.5 weeks to get to me. So just make sure to keep track of when to order more way ahead of time! Will definitely be ordering again today! Thanks"
GA, USA, December 2020
"I have been an Inhouse customer since 2015 and as always, I am impressed with, and grateful for your organization’s professionalism, efficiency, and quality. Of course, these qualities are even more commendable and valuable at this time, when the world is submerged in craziness."
FL, USA, December 2020
"Your the best. Thank you"
MI, USA, December 2020
"I have been using Inhouse since 2015. I have not had 1 bad experience. I continue to be impressed with their high standards & quality medications. I highly recommend them. It is worth mentioning that as the products come from outside the USA, it does take 2-4 weeks for delivery. Not an unreasonable amount of time . A person just needs to be patient & order early."
CA, USA, December 2020
"Excellent service, genuine items. And incredible savings over what I pay even with insurance."
CA, USA, November 2020
"Thank you for being there for the transgender community"
Oxford, UK, November 2020
"Thank you very much for outstanding service."
USA, November 2020
I have been doing business with this company for many years. Never had a problem. Always get my medication, Great service!!!
MA, USA, November 2020
"Thank you very much for your caring email and please know how grateful I am for all the years of wonderful service that you and your team have provided. You have given me the assistance needed to maintain my health and to continue to successfully provide for my widowed mum's needs. That is a great grace and I thank you with the utmost sincerity. I hope that you all have a happy and healthy end of 2020 and a great New Year and thank you again for everything."
WI, USA, November 2020
"So far, I have been very satisfied with the timely service of Inhouse Pharmacy!"
UK, October 2020
"Thank you once again. The service I have received from Inhouse Pharmacy has been wonderful"
CA, USA, October 2020
"Thank you, I am happy to order from your Pharmacy"
OH, USA, October 2020
"I couldn't thank you enough for being in business for the U.S. market"
UK, October 2020
"Fantastic company to buy from with lovely helpful staff who are so good and help out with kindness"
FL, USA, October 2020
"I've been with them for about 3 years, the best company, great staff, and my meds always come when expected".
TX, USA, October 2020
"I’ve been using Inhousepharmacy for well over 10 years. Their service has always been excellent. The few issues I’ve encountered in all that time were resolved quickly and easily. This must be how rich and famous people are accustomed to being treated wherever they go. WOW—It just doesn’t get better than this!"
GA, USA, September 2020
Truly spectacular service... well beyond the expected!
CA, USA, September 2020
Great products, good prices, and awesome customer service - the best! Would give 10 stars if I could!
CA, USA, September 2020
Amazing company, have always received my orders in good condition
TX, USA, August 2020
I've been a customer for several years and I have been remiss in telling you what a pleasure it has been, and is, to do business with all of you. You are always upfront and responsive to all my orders and questions. Thank you for being there.
RI, USA, August 2020
The best product and excellent customer service.
QLD, AUS, July 2020
A great service. They try their hardest to give you what you need.
GA, United States, July 2020
This is the best online pharmacy I have used. Their prices (usually) cannot be beat, they ship fast and their customer support is the best. Every time I have called, my call is answered quickly and they are always helpful. Good prices, fast delivery, and great customer service. I couldn't ask for more.
UK, July 2020
Very pleased with your communication throughout the waiting time and the order with delays arrived safely. Thank you.
UK, June 2020
You are an excellent company to deal with. Responses are quick, efficient, polite and well detailed. I have used your company for many years, and will continue to. Thanks.
CA, USA, June 2020
I am so happy to have found Inhouse Pharmacy! My cat has asthma/diabetes & we get her "puffy" medicine here. It is so much cheaper here - without it we couldn't afford to keep her alive. Thank you.
UT, USA, June 2020
Received my late March order today. Thank you. Will let you know when April purchase arrives. Love Inhouse Pharmacy!
UK, June 2020
There's never been any problem, and the meds I purchased have saved my life. You are a blessing. Thank you so much.
CA, USA, June 2020
My order arrived today !!!! Yippee.  Things are getting through, never fear, just hang on.
UK, June 2020
I want to say a huge thank you for the excellent communications from your company which helped so much during a very anxious time. I cannot praise the company highly enough.
UK, June 2020
Excellent service from a really professional company. I’m grateful for all the step by step updates during the coronavirus disruptions. Customer service support should be congratulated.
GA, USA, June 2020
Thank you so very much for the update. You and Inhouse Pharmacy are a godsend for so many people. I salute you!
Lingfield, UK, June 2020
Amazing service! I have used InHouse a few times now and on each occasion the service could not have been better.
PA, USA, June 2020
I have been a customer for over 15 years, and have always been very satisfied with InhousePharmacy's products and services. There were times when I would have had to go without medication if it hadn't been for this company, because I couldn't afford U.S. prices. Highly recommend!
Bill and Carol
MA, USA, May 2020
Thank you so much! We continue to be impressed with the excellent service and quality of your products. We appreciate the entire staff for the work you've done over many years, and for providing us with the medicine we need to stay alive and healthy. Thank you for always 'doing the right thing' for your customers. In every case you have done EVERYTHING you could to get the right product to your customer, quickly and efficiently. No other company than InHousePharmacy, could manage the COVID-19 shipping challenges in a better way. Working to deliver critical medicine to their customers as quickly as possible. We depend on them every day - they have literally saved our life.
Glasgow, UK, May 2020
Thank you for being a wonderful company and a big thank you to all the staff at Inhouse pharmacy, I'll be using this company again in the future.
SA, AUS, May 2020
Please pass on my thank you to Bruce who was exceptional this morning in his assistance to me. Each employee of In-house pharmacy has provided excellence in customer service. The issues I have experienced with my bank etc have been quite frustrating but resolved thanks to the help provided by In-house. I have been a long-standing customer with In-house and I have been every provided with the very best customer service guiding me through each and every time.
GA, USA, May 2020
Thank you so much. I appreciate great customer service a you business certainly is great to deal with.
PA, USA, May 2020
Excellent and easy online ordering! Same product and brand I needed a doctor's prescription for but CHEAPER! Thank you so much! I'm very happy!
OH, USA, May 2020
Once again I'm forced to note the incredible customer service I've received from the folks at Pharmaright. What an excellent follow-up explanation into my order's movements! Thank you for taking the time to treat me like an individual. That's what customer service is all about!!
NJ, USA, May 2020
Since I started dealing with Inhouse Pharmacy, my skin changed, it's smooth. I will introduce all my friends to you.
IL, USA, May 2020
Wonderful service, quality medications.
WA, USA, May 2020
REAL, legitimate medicine. Has saved me thousands of $$$ over the last 3 years
AZ, USA, May 2020
Excellent service. Never been disappointed. The best online pharmacy!
CA, USA, May 2020
I have been a customer for years and have always received excellent products and service. I don't know what I would do without Inhouse Pharmacy!
MO, USA, May 2020
I have been using Inhouse for many years. My orders have always been correct and I have received them very quickly.
Liverpool, UK, May 2020
First class service
IA, USA, May 2020
Have used for years. Always been reliable.
NY, USA, May 2020
The best!! Always receive my delivery and great customer service! Will be placing another order! Ordered 2 times and will be a returning customer!
AR, USA, April 2020
Wonderful business. Thank you. I love being able to send a check!
TX, USA, April 2020
I have been using In House Pharmacy for 12 years. Excellent customer service and reliability. Highly recommend!
WV, USA, April 2020
I've been ordering from Inhouse Pharmacy for many years. NEVER had a single problem and their prices are the best! Thank you!!!
TX, USA, April 2020
Isn’t it funny? I don’t even know you all…. But, I DO know that you are life-savers. I silently thank you all the time. Keep up the good work.
TN, USA, April 2020
Very professional and trusted service.
CA, USA, April 2020
Thanks for your great service and being there to care for our health needs.
OR, USA, April 2020
You guys always do a great job, thank you!
Switzerland, April 2020
I have to say, I really appreciate your help. In such uncertain times it is so helpful to deal with people who are so well structured!
VA, USA, March 2020
Helping us to keep ourselves whole. Outstanding!
Oxford, UK, March 2020
Great service, prompt delivery. When I’ve spoken to them on the phone they were very helpful. I highly recommend using them.
SA, AUS, March 2020
Always genuine meds, fast service, good people. The only online pharmacy I trust.
CA, USA, March 2020
Best of the best ! Great prices and nice people.
NY, USA, March 2020
Easy repeat orders.
NC, USA, February 2020
True to site. Got medicine faster than what was told. Have used them twice now. Had no problems
OH, USA, February 2020
Always excellent service.
DE, USA, February 2020
I've had nothing but great service from these people all along ... right from my very first order. I think their money order payment method is the best too. I wish my supplier of Modafinil could set something up this way
VA, USA, February 2020
You guys are dependable and doing a great job. Thanks for standing up to the VISAs of the world.
CA, USA, February 2020
Very happy with InHouse and getting my cat’s asthma inhalers from here. Don’t know what I would do without you
MI, USA, February 2020
Thank you for the great service you provide. Shopping with you is easy and safe.
UT, USA, February 2020
Thank you so much! Very pleased with your products, as always! 
IL, USA, January 2020
You people have saved my life, I can't thank you enough
England, UK, January 2020
The best place I have found as a transitioning women to meet all my needs!!!
NY, USA, January 2020
I'm very satisfied. Thanks for your services.
CA, USA, January 2020
Bravo InHouse! My family has been ordering from you for over 10 years and truly admire & appreciate your efforts to help people worldwide, while bravely persevering against the commercial and financial forces that would like to limit our choices. Thank you for being there. With blessing from devoted fans!
MS, USA, January 2020
Excellent service from order to delivery. Delivery only took 10 days. Am happy to have found this site. Highly recommend and will be telling all my friends.
USA, January 2020
Been going here for some time and have not experienced any trouble with my orders
FL, USA, January 2020
I love you guys,,I'm blown away that you ship my order before payment is received,this is the best customer service ever seen.it would not have been possible for me to transition without you guys,,you have given me something I wanted my whole life,,,many many thanks,,,I tell all my t girlfriends about you
FL, USA, January 2020
I've been a customer for almost 18 years. The reason that I am is because you sell quality medicines that almost always (or maybe even always!!!) beat what I'd have to pay for them here in the States. You ROCK!!!
SD, USA, January 2020
I receive EXCELLENT, prompt and reliable service. I would recommend this Pharmacy with 5 stars for excellence
TX, USA, January 2020
Thank you for quality medications at prices I can afford!! Excellent customer service and fast shipping too!!
OH, USA, January 2020
This company is great! They always process my order right away and exceed their estimated delivery time. I highly recommend them for your medicinal needs!
TX, USA, January 2020
Products are always sealed and are fresh with plenty of time remaining on expiration dates. Shipping has always been on time and you can't beat the cost. I have placed several orders and all have arrived in great shape
CA, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your amazing product line, service, convenience, and security!
CA, USA, December 2019
Thanks. Great service.
NV, USA, December 2019
I have dealt with this company and its products for almost 15 years.Quick shipping and the products are correct as advertised.
GA, USA, December 2019
Love this store! ALWAYS CARRY what I need. Easy to use.
NY, USA, December 2019
I’ve been ordering regularly from Inhouse Pharmacy for two years: they are one of the most reliable, efficient, well organized companies I’ve ever done business with. Everything goes like clockwork — never had even one thing go wrong, and the mailing to US keeps getting faster! I appreciate them and recommend highly
CA, USA, December 2019
In the year plus I have been using your services it's been excellent
WA, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your services. I have been a customer for several years and appreciate the convenient, reliable options you provide
NY, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your good service. Been a customer for many years.
USA, November 2019
Excellent! I appreciate your service
MI, USA, November 2019
Very pleased with receiving her package, GREAT SERVICE
PA, USA, November 2019
Great products and service. Been using Inhouse for over 10 years. Never has an issue
TX, USA, November 2019
Excellent Service - Products are good quality. Questions answered promptly. Very satisfied with this company.
WA, USA, November 2019
Thank you so much for your valuable service. It has been a lifesaver. I appreciate the high quality of service level and prompt attention to my orders. THANK YOU!
Aylesbury, UK, November 2019
Fantastic and quick service.
TX, USA, November 2019
Thanks so much for making this product available to purchase at affordable prices, packaged very well, and reasonable shipping time. It will be purchasing again in future.
VIC, Australia, October 2019
Reliable and Consistent service!! Thankyou!
WA, USA, October 2019
With several years experience of purchases, I've not encountered any difficulties with ordering, shipping, or as-advertised quality of product.
VA, USA, October 2019
Thank you very much for approving my order to be processed and shipped prior to receiving my personal check. I am so grateful - you have restored my faith in knowing kindness still exists!
MD, USA, October 2019
Thank you so much for the quick delivery! You guys are awesome, keep it up!
NSW, Australia, October 2019
I am so please with your service, thank you for your diligence and professionalism. Trust is always hard earned and I am so happy you have mine, thanks again everyone.
FL, USA, October 2019
Fantastic! Inhouse Pharmacy have very nice sales people, and very helpful!
CA, USA, October 2019
I am a long term customer of IHP. Depending on the job/health insurance plan, sometimes they are cheaper than buying through my Insurance. Thanks InHouse for providing my meds at a reasonable price.
FL, USA, October 2019
If only all other customer service was as fast, and as helpful. Thank you again for your insight and information.
NM, USA, September 2019
I have always found your staff to be friendly and helpful and my order is promptly filled. It is so much easier than going around the corner to wait in line at Walgreens! It's cheaper, too! Thank you so much.
TX, USA, September 2019
I commend your exceptional service and for trusting me enough to send my order before receiving my payment. I feel compelled to march myself down to the mailbox with your check first thing in the morning. After all, service like yours deserves reciprocation.
AL, USA, September 2019
I received the shipping notice the day after I placed my order, before I even had time to put payment in the mail. Thanks!
Bognor Regis, UK, September 2019
Thank you so much, I appreciate your outstanding customer service.
CA, USA, September 2019
You are the best, Thanks so much.
TX, USA, September 2019
Thanks so much. You are wonderful to deal with.
WI, USA, September 2019
It is always a pleasure to speak to you. You are always very friendly, and customer orientated. That is a plus in my book - I will always do business with you.
MA, USA, September 2019
This is the best pharmacy I've ever used; many thanks and you have a long term customer!

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