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Inhouse Pharmacy Reviews

We pride ourselves on providing quality, authentic brand name and generic prescription medications to our customers at the most affordable prices available. You need your medications to lead a healthy life and low-cost prescriptions can help you achieve a better quality of life. Our customers live all over the world and most agree that Inhouse Pharmacy helps save them time and money with free shipping, fast order processing, and guaranteed delivery and product quality. Read what our customers have to say in Inhouse pharmacy reviews.
VA, USA, February 2020
You guys are dependable and doing a great job. Thanks for standing up to the VISAs of the world.
CA, USA, February 2020
Very happy with InHouse and getting my cat’s asthma inhalers from here. Don’t know what I would do without you
MI, USA, February 2020
Thank you for the great service you provide. Shopping with you is easy and safe.
IL, USA, January 2020
You people have saved my life, I can't thank you enough
England, UK, January 2020
The best place I have found as a transitioning women to meet all my needs!!!
NY, USA, January 2020
I'm very satisfied. Thanks for your services.
CA, USA, January 2020
Bravo InHouse! My family has been ordering from you for over 10 years and truly admire & appreciate your efforts to help people worldwide, while bravely persevering against the commercial and financial forces that would like to limit our choices. Thank you for being there. With blessing from devoted fans!
MS, USA, January 2020
Excellent service from order to delivery. Delivery only took 10 days. Am happy to have found this site. Highly recommend and will be telling all my friends.
USA, January 2020
Been going here for some time and have not experienced any trouble with my orders
FL, USA, January 2020
I love you guys,,I'm blown away that you ship my order before payment is received,this is the best customer service ever would not have been possible for me to transition without you guys,,you have given me something I wanted my whole life,,,many many thanks,,,I tell all my t girlfriends about you
FL, USA, January 2020
I've been a customer for almost 18 years. The reason that I am is because you sell quality medicines that almost always (or maybe even always!!!) beat what I'd have to pay for them here in the States. You ROCK!!!
SD, USA, January 2020
I receive EXCELLENT, prompt and reliable service. I would recommend this Pharmacy with 5 stars for excellence
TX, USA, January 2020
Thank you for quality medications at prices I can afford!! Excellent customer service and fast shipping too!!
OH, USA, January 2020
This company is great! They always process my order right away and exceed their estimated delivery time. I highly recommend them for your medicinal needs!
TX, USA, January 2020
Products are always sealed and are fresh with plenty of time remaining on expiration dates. Shipping has always been on time and you can't beat the cost. I have placed several orders and all have arrived in great shape
CA, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your amazing product line, service, convenience, and security!
CA, USA, December 2019
Thanks. Great service.
NV, USA, December 2019
I have dealt with this company and its products for almost 15 years.Quick shipping and the products are correct as advertised.
GA, USA, December 2019
Love this store! ALWAYS CARRY what I need. Easy to use.
NY, USA, December 2019
I’ve been ordering regularly from Inhouse Pharmacy for two years: they are one of the most reliable, efficient, well organized companies I’ve ever done business with. Everything goes like clockwork — never had even one thing go wrong, and the mailing to US keeps getting faster! I appreciate them and recommend highly
CA, USA, December 2019
In the year plus I have been using your services it's been excellent
WA, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your services. I have been a customer for several years and appreciate the convenient, reliable options you provide
NY, USA, December 2019
Thank you for your good service. Been a customer for many years.
USA, November 2019
Excellent! I appreciate your service
MI, USA, November 2019
Very pleased with receiving her package, GREAT SERVICE
PA, USA, November 2019
Great products and service. Been using Inhouse for over 10 years. Never has an issue
TX, USA, November 2019
Excellent Service - Products are good quality. Questions answered promptly. Very satisfied with this company.
WA, USA, November 2019
Thank you so much for your valuable service. It has been a lifesaver. I appreciate the high quality of service level and prompt attention to my orders. THANK YOU!
Aylesbury, UK, November 2019
Fantastic and quick service.
TX, USA, November 2019
Thanks so much for making this product available to purchase at affordable prices, packaged very well, and reasonable shipping time. It will be purchasing again in future.
VIC, Australia, October 2019
Reliable and Consistent service!! Thankyou!
WA, USA, October 2019
With several years experience of purchases, I've not encountered any difficulties with ordering, shipping, or as-advertised quality of product.
VA, USA, October 2019
Thank you very much for approving my order to be processed and shipped prior to receiving my personal check. I am so grateful - you have restored my faith in knowing kindness still exists!
MD, USA, October 2019
Thank you so much for the quick delivery! You guys are awesome, keep it up!
NSW, Australia, October 2019
I am so please with your service, thank you for your diligence and professionalism. Trust is always hard earned and I am so happy you have mine, thanks again everyone.
FL, USA, October 2019
Fantastic! Inhouse Pharmacy have very nice sales people, and very helpful!
CA, USA, October 2019
I am a long term customer of IHP. Depending on the job/health insurance plan, sometimes they are cheaper than buying through my Insurance. Thanks InHouse for providing my meds at a reasonable price.
FL, USA, October 2019
If only all other customer service was as fast, and as helpful. Thank you again for your insight and information.
NM, USA, September 2019
I have always found your staff to be friendly and helpful and my order is promptly filled. It is so much easier than going around the corner to wait in line at Walgreens! It's cheaper, too! Thank you so much.
TX, USA, September 2019
I commend your exceptional service and for trusting me enough to send my order before receiving my payment. I feel compelled to march myself down to the mailbox with your check first thing in the morning. After all, service like yours deserves reciprocation.
AL, USA, September 2019
I received the shipping notice the day after I placed my order, before I even had time to put payment in the mail. Thanks!
Bognor Regis, UK, September 2019
Thank you so much, I appreciate your outstanding customer service.
CA, USA, September 2019
You are the best, Thanks so much.
TX, USA, September 2019
Thanks so much. You are wonderful to deal with.
WI, USA, September 2019
It is always a pleasure to speak to you. You are always very friendly, and customer orientated. That is a plus in my book - I will always do business with you.
MA, USA, September 2019
This is the best pharmacy I've ever used; many thanks and you have a long term customer!

Guaranteed Quality and Shipping

Inhouse Pharmacy is run by registered pharmacists with years of pharmaceutical industry experience. We want you to know exactly what you are ordering, so we use detailed photos and descriptions that are plain and easy for you to view. Our trusted online pharmacy reviews are from real customers who needed real prescriptions at low costs. sources our medications from approved and licensed manufacturers.

Along with quality products and our guaranteed delivery, you can be assured that your medication will be delivered even if there is an error during shipment. We will reship your order in a timely manner at no additional cost to you.

Responsive Customer Service

We are available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have on our products, shipping, and distribution sources. Contact us by email or phone and we will respond in a timely and prompt timeframe. We will never leave you in the dark about our products and your orders. Trust our customers who have had great experiences with Inhouse Pharmacy. Our reviews say it all! Search for your prescription in our inventory today.


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