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Yomesan (Niclosamide 500mg) 4 Tablets/Pack

Yomesan (Niclosamide 500mg) 4 Tablets/Pack

Yomesan (Niclosamide 500mg) Tablets

Product Name
Yomesan (Niclosamide 500mg) 4 Tablets/Pack
Also known as Niclocide
Active Ingredient
Product Type
Anthelmintic (dewormer)
Product expiry date we are currently shipping
Jun 2025
Yomesan tablets contain niclosamide 500mg, a medication to treat tapeworm infestations.
Product Price List

Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 4 Tablets
$6.00 per Tablet
$24.00 (USD)
$24.00 (USD)
Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 8 Tablets
$4.00 per Tablet
$32.00 (USD)
$32.00 (USD)
Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 28 Tablets
$3.00 per Tablet
$84.00 (USD)
$84.00 (USD)
Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 56 Tablets
$2.50 per Tablet
$140.00 (USD)
$140.00 (USD)
Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 84 Tablets
$2.00 per Tablet
$168.00 (USD)
$168.00 (USD)
Yomesan (Niclosamide) 500mg 168 Tablets
$1.50 per Tablet
$252.00 (USD)
$252.00 (USD)

Yomesan Niclosamide Tablets 500mg

What is Yomesan used for?

Yomesan contains the anthelmintic medication, Niclosamide 500mg to treat tapeworm infestations.

Niclosamide is of significant interest in a wide range of medical conditions and has been used off-label for various cancers such as adrenocortical carcinoma, breast cancer, colon, glioma (brain cancer), head and neck tumours, lung cancer, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer, prostate, and kidney cancer.

Other off-label uses of current interest and ongoing study include the treatment of bacterial infections such as anthrax, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus and viral infections including Covid, Chikungunya and Zika. Also, arterial constriction, endometriosis, neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

How does Yomesan work?

Tapeworms attach to the intestinal wall of the host via a scolex. A scolex is the part of the tapeworm that is made up of suckers or hooks or in some species, both.  Niclosamide inhibits the production of energy in the tapeworm’s mitochondria, resulting in the death of the scolex and surrounding parts.

The breakdown of the scolex means that the tapeworm loses its ability to attach to the intestinal wall and is subject to elimination by way of bowel movement. Some tapeworms require a purgative treatment in addition to taking Yomesan Niclosamide. Please discuss the appropriate purgative treatment with your doctor when taking Niclosamide for tapeworms.

What does Yomesan contain?

Yomesan tablets contain niclosamide 500mg and are used to treat tapeworm infestations. Yomesan also contains the following inactive ingredients: maize starch, talcum, sodium lauryl sulphate, povidone, vanillin, magnesium stearate, saccharin sodium.

Treating tapeworm infestation with Yomesan

Yomesan containing niclosamide 500mg is effective in treating beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata), pork tapeworm (Taenia solium), fish tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum) and dwarf tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana).

What are the side effects of Yomesan?

The most commonly reported side-effects when taking Yomesan include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Hypersensitivity reactions are possible – erythema, pruritis and skin rash have been reported.

Ability to drive and use machinery may be impaired. Yomesan may affect reaction times to an extent that driving or operating machinery is unsafe. This is made worse by combining Yomesan with alcohol.

When should Yomesan not be used?

You should not use Yomesan if you:

  • are allergic to any of the ingredients in Yomesan
  • are pregnant (especially in the first trimester) or breastfeeding
  • are taking medications that interact with Yomesan
  • are intending to drive or operate machinery
  • are also drinking alcoholic beverages

What medications interact with Yomesan?

  • There are known interactions with Yomesan at the time of writing.
  • Niclosamide 500mg, the active ingredient in Yomesan tablets is only slightly absorbed, so toxic effects are not expected.

How should Yomesan be taken?


The dose you take, how often and for how long depends on what you are being treated for and your doctor’s recommendation.  Please consult your doctor for appropriate dosage if you are intending to use Yomesan Niclosamide for an off-label use.

The daily dose is taken as a single dose after breakfast. It is very important that the palatable tablets are thoroughly chewed and then washed down with a little water. The tablets may also be taken disintegrated in a little water. For small children it is advisable to grind the tablets as finely as possible and mix the powder with a little water.

In infestation with beef tapeworm (T. saginata), pork tapeworm (T. solium) and fish tapeworm (D. latum):

  • Adults and children from 6 years upwards - 4 tablets
  • Children from 2 – 6 years - 2 tablets
  • Children under 2 years - 1 tablet

For infections with the dwarf tapeworm (H. nana), the following treatment for 7 days is recommended:

First day:

  • Adults and children from 6 years upwards - 4 tablets
  • Children from 2 – 6 years - 2 tablets
  • Children under 2 years - 1 tablet

For another six days:

  • Adults and children from 6 years upwards - 2 tablets daily
  • Children from 2 – 6 years - 1 tablet daily
  • Children under 2 years - 1/2 tablet daily

If constipated, thorough cleansing of the bowels is necessary before treatment. Please ask your doctor for advice regarding a bowel purge, as this is an important step.

Additional information: The risk of cysticercosis existing in cases of pork tapeworm infestation is avoided by the recommended drastic purging, the aim being to excrete as quickly as possible the lower tapeworm segments containing the ripe eggs. This prevents the eggs being later transferred to the fingers as a result of deficient defaecation hygiene and from the fingers into the mouth of the patient, where they can cause cysticercosis.

Yomesan may be given safely to patients with liver, biliary and kidney diseases. Should a patient have taken a marked overdosage, for safety reasons the usual therapeutic measures for the treatment of poisoning should be applied (gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy). In such a situation seek emergency medical advice as soon as possible.

How long should you take Yomesan?

You should continue to take your Yomesan for as long as recommended by your doctor.

How should Yomesan be stored?

You should store your Yomesan below 25° C (77° F) in a cool, dry place well out of reach of children.

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